When is the Right Time to Consider Buying a Used Car?

When is the Right Time to Consider Buying a Used Car?

Getting an amazing good deal on the used or new car will depend on a time of year that you are planning to buy. Ensure you keep a watchful eye on your calendar so that you will take complete benefit of the seasonal factors that affect the auto trade & take benefit of a best month for buying cars for sale in fresno. So if you’re searching for the right time of a year to purchase a car, here’re a few dates to keep in mind.

Public holidays and Black Friday give big car savings and other months, like October, November & December. End of a quarter or month, like an end of a year, generally means finding very good deals on used cars. Look out for the model changeover periods as well. They generally happen in summer in fall. The Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve both are very good time that you must consider buying a car. Thus, are low-customer-traffic period, like early in a week.

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Shop late in a year or late in a month

As we mentioned, October, November & December moths are the right time of a year to consider buying the second-hand car. The car dealerships have got sales quotas that generally break down in yearly, quarterly & monthly sales goals. All three goals start to come together a bit late in a year.

As an end of a year approaches, the car dealer would always wants to have latest cars in their lot. Suppose they have plenty of car models left from their previous year, they will be inspired to take the deal on them. This will be the right time to catch a good deal.

Best day of a week to buy used car

Suppose you want to optimize the savings on car purchase, then you must consider buying the car on Monday. Many people do car shopping on a weekend. But, many will not think of going to the car dealership in a middle of Monday and negotiate. On an average, people save around 61% more when purchasing a vehicle on the Monday than Sunday.